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Post  Cecilia_Loves_Shad on Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:07 pm

Cecilia is a very nice, caring, loving, and trustworthy person she very helpful, and is always a GOOD friend, I mean always a "GOOD" friend she deeply cares about her homies like they was her distant family. Cecilia has a guy friend, and his name is Shad Moss but they call him "Bow Wow" that's his nickname, and also he's a rapper. Cecilia is very supportive, and helpful when it comes to Shad not because he's a rapper because he's nice, caring, loving, and trustworthy like her.Cecilia, and Shad had a lot in common they're zodiac signs are Pisces, they both love playing “XBOX 360”, they both love rocking them vintage glasses, both love acting goofy in a good way, they both love Italian food, they both have the same personalities, and just so understanding. It was a cool day in Miami, Florida Cecilia was driving in her sister-in-law Amanda’s “2008 Nissan” heading to Shad’s house so she can chill with him, and everything. Cecilia was headed thru Shad’s drive way, and she parked right next to his “Lamborghini”, and then she got out of the car, and went, and knocked on Shad’s door, and then the door started opening Shad open the door, and he looked surprise, and was like “Hey boo! How you doing?” and hugged Cecilia around the neck, and she hugged him back, Cecilia was like “Hey babes! I’m doing good! How are you doing?” Shad said “That’s good! I’m doing great just chilling, and playing “XBOX 360” “you know how I do it; Cecilia said “That’s good boo! Yeah I know how you is about you “XBOX” Mr. XBOX King” Cecilia laughed, Shad laughed as well, and said “Girl hush!”,Shad said “Oh come in girl!”, and opened the door for Cecilia, Cecilia said “thank you Shad”, Shad was like “you’re welcome baby”. As Cecilia and Shad walked in Shad’s condo Cecilia sat down on Shad’s couch, and sat her purse on it too, Shad asked “You C you want, or need anything? Something to drink, or eat or whatever?” Cecilia asked “You have any “Gatorade”? Shad said “Yeah! I have Fruit Punch, Lemon-Lime, Strawberry-Kiwi, and Grape. What flavor you want?” Cecilia said “I’ll take Fruit Punch” Shad said “Fruit Punch it is” Shad got the Fruit Punch “Gatorade” out the refrigerator ,and walked over towards Cecilia, and gave her the “Gatorade” Cecilia said “Thank you Shad!” Shad said “You’re welcome! I gotchu!” .Shad sat down by Cecilia, and looked, and smiled, Cecilia did the same. Shad asked “So what’s been up with you? What’s been going on in Lake City, Florida?” Cecilia said “Nothing much, really! I been babysitting, and etc.Lake City still the same old “BORING AS HELL” Shad said “Oh I see! That’s good girl!” Shad laughed, and said “That’s crazy! Sorry girl! When are you going to move away from there?” Cecilia said “When I get enough money, and everything I need I’m moving” Shad said “Oight! That’s what’s up! I hope you get that together Mama!” Cecilia said “Thank you boy!” Shad said “You’re welcome Mama!” .Shad was just chilling on the couch playing “XBOX 360”, and Cecilia was just watching him play, and just talking to him, and everything. Shad said “Yo C can I trust you to check my “Twitter” page?” Cecilia said “Yeah! Man you can! You can trust me with anything! What you need me to do on it?” Shad said “Sign in it, and check it for me baby! You cool with that?” Cecilia said “Yeah! Sure I am, and I will! I gotchu man!” Shad said “Thank you ma! I appreciate that!”.As Cecilia was on Shad’s “Twitter “ page on his laptop his “Twitter” name was @BowWow so he either went by “Bow Wow”, or Shad, but Cecilia calls him Shad. Even though Cecilia is a homie/fan of Shad Moss aka Bow Wow she see’s him for Shad Moss, and she knows he’s a regular person just like everybody else, and she loves him because he’s so real, and understanding. Cecilia was on Shad’s “Twitter” page reading what fans, and people was tweeting Shad. Shad asked Cecilia “Yo C can I see my laptop?” Cecilia said “Sure! Go ahead!”, and gave Shad the laptop. Cecilia pulled out her digital camera from her purse she had a red “Kodak Easyshare M340” she was going thru all the pictures in her digital camera, and she turned around, and she said “Shad! Smile boy!” Shad turned around smiled, and thru up some deuces aka peace sign, Cecilia snapped the picture of him, and the looked at her digital camera screen, Cecilia said”Awww! Boy you looking good in the picture!” Shad laughted, and said “Thank you Mama!” Cecilia said “You’re welcome boo! Then Cecilia asked “You want to take some pictures together?” Shad said” Sure baby!” then scooted close to Cecilia,Cecilia,and Shad put they heads next to each other, and Cecilia put the camera in front of her, and Shad’s face, and snapped the picture, and looked at the digital camera screen, and Cecilia said “Wow! We look so cute in this picture!” Shad looked, and said”Yeah! We do Mama” Cecilia asked “You want to take another one?” Shad said “Sure girl!” and smiled, Cecilia put her arm around Shad’s neck, and he put his arm around hers, then Cecilia held the digital camera up to her, and Shad’s face again, and they both smiled, Cecilia snapped the picture, and looked @ the digital camera screen, and said “Oh this picture is cute too!” Shad looked, and said “Yeah! It is Mama!” Cecilia took the SD Card out her digital camera, and transferred her and Shad’s pictures to the laptop, Cecilia said”There boo! You can have them too! If you need them again just hit me up, and ask me oight?” Shad said”Yeah! Mama I will!” Cecilia put her digital camera back in her purse.Cecilia, and Shad was just on Shad’s “Twitter” looking at what the fans and other people were saying.

To Be Continue…..

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