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Post  binky10 on Wed Dec 22, 2010 1:44 am

Now before i get into my story i see yall turning into gangster thugs on here...uh uh unexceptional...Shad wld laugh at you hooligans cause i am...lmao anyways back to my story.

It was like when i was 13 me nd my sister used to live wit my dad nd 1 night we went out, she was wit her bf i was wit the neighbor across the st. Antiways there ways always this 1 cat tht wld try to get in the house nd tht night we left the door open so we cld get back in. We got in the house at like 3 am nd we heard noises...we were dumb scared so we jumped on the couch nd we heard it meow...I was Rolling cause it was a little cat we named mr. kittdles. Antiways my sister said 'were is tht cat so i cld step on it nd pop its eyes out?' I...WAS...ROLLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yall know i had too pee but i was scared to move cause it was dark nd the cat was black...(no i didnt piss this time) o man good times good times Very Happy

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